Team Members

Christopher Iversen, President
585-526-6331 Ext 7108
Chris leads our project development team. He received his BS degree from Cornell University’s School of Engineering and his MS in Construction Management from Stanford University. Chris’s specific responsibilities are the coordination of project designs, approvals, and construction management efforts.

Robb Pitkin, General Site Superintendent
585-526-6331 Ext 7122
Robb leads our construction team. His broad based construction experiences since 1980 provide a valuable resource for practical, cost-effective construction solutions and effective scheduling practices. Robb’s specific responsibilities are to ensure project designs are buildable, expedite construction scheduling, and coordinate labor, subcontractor and material purchase activities.

Devin Broadwell, Project Administrator 
585-526-6331 Ext 7120
Devin wears many hats here at Iveren! Her efforts are essential to keeping the office running smoothly. Working in lockstep with upper management, Devin helps coordinate all aspects of our projects, always striving for increased productivity and efficiency.

Kristen Rice, Project Administrator 
585-526-6331 Ext 7103
Working along side our other team members, performing a multitude of administrative tasks, Kristen’s efforts are crucial to keeping projects organized, on schedule, and within budget.

Kristen Mastellar, Chief Financial Officer
585-526-6331 Ext 7102
Kristen has worked in public and private accounting for 20 years. She started with the Iversen Group in December 2022 and manages the finances for all the related companies.

Sarah Phillips, Accounts Payables
585-526-6331 Ext 7101